Apartment Pool Where 4-Year-Old Drowned Was Too Cloudy To See Through, City SaysDisturbing new revelations about a swimming pool at a Garland apartment complex where 4-year-old Mariah Anthony drowned on Sunday.
Officials Consider Making Garland 'Smoke Free'City leaders in Garland are considering making the town "smoke free."
Garland Mayor Submits Official ResignationSeveral months after he announced in a city council meeting that he would be stepping down, Garland Mayor Douglas Athas has officially submitted his resignation letter.  
Garland Mayor Resigns After Controversial Vote For Dog & Skate ParkGarland Mayor Douglas Athas announced that he is resigning from office after a city council vote on a controversial dog and skate park.
Former Police Chief, Community Outraged Garland Cop Not ChargedOutrage has grown after CBS11 broke a story about a Garland police officer who beat a man during book in.
Garland To Pass Price Gouging Protection For Citizens After TornadoAn ordinance is expected to pass Tuesday making it a misdemeanor for businesses to price gouge for the next year.
High Water Bills Perplex Some Garland HomeownersSome say their watering habits haven't changed and bills don't make sense.
Garland Homeowner Shoots Man During Break-InA man was allegedly shot early Thursday afternoon after breaking into a home at the 2600 block of Richland Drive.
Garland To Hold Emergency West Nile MeetingGarland Mayor Ronald E. Jones has called an emergency meeting of the City Council to consider a disaster declaration related to the recent West Nile outbreak.
New Resources For Garland's Fight Against West NileThe Garland Health Department now has a new mosquito spray unit for use in the city's efforts to control the spread of the West Nile virus.