Frisco ISD Officials Notify Parents About Staph InfectionA confirmed case of the drug resistant staph infection called MRSA has forced action at Sparks Elementary School in Frisco.
Who Needs More Sleep, Men Or Women?Between work and family, and all of life’s other obligations, it seems much of America is sleep deprived. Millions of people are trying to function on less than eight hours of sleep and that can cause irritability, lack of concentration and even create trouble in a marriage.
Forney Community Joins Together To Help Residents Battle CancerDanny Ray Hardman is a common name around Forney. But when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year, it came as a shock.
Patients Dealing With Chronic Illness Seeing Massage BenefitFor many, a massage is a relaxing escape. But for North Texans dealing with conditions like Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson's Disease, getting a massage is becoming part of their medical treatment to relieve pain.
Study Trying To Understand Why 1 in 5 N. Texas Kids Has AsthmaA new study is hoping to figure out why North Texas has such a high asthma rate among kids.
Seemingly Healthy Plano Teen Now Fighting For LifeA North Texas teen is fighting for his life after collapsing on the basketball court. His family says he was the picture of health. Now, the mother of another Plano athlete who lost her child is reaching out to help save lives.
Officials Try To Cut Costs In HIV Medicine ProgramState officials overseeing an HIV medication program will seek ways to contain costs after the program failed to get money from the Legislature to make up a projected $19.2 million shortfall.
Organ Donor's Family Meets Those Who Were Saved Aaron Anderson was nervous and unsure of what to say Sunday. He was, in fact, meeting the family of a woman who saved his life after she lost her own.
New Study Questions Federal Mammogram GuidelinesA new study is raising questions about the current government recommendations determining when women should get breast cancer screenings.
New York Nonprofit Helping Cancerous Dogs In TexasA New York-based nonprofit helps give dogs with cancer a fighting chance to survive. It’s named after founder Laurie Kaplan’s own cancer survivor, Bullet. Kaplan also has published a book, entitled “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer.”
Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Helps Land Woman A KidneyA few months ago, radio personality Shanon Murphy and Plano resident Gail Moten were strangers. But the two have since grown close together after something happened one August morning.