Corporal Punishment Continues In Many Texas SchoolsAn emotional debate is underway about how far is too far when it comes to disciplining children. Hitting kids at home can escalate to criminal act. But what about hitting kids at school? You may be surprised to learn that several North Texas school districts still allow corporal punishment.
Study: Kids Misbehave 10 Minutes After SpankingSparing the rod may spare parents from future headaches, according to a new study from Southern Methodist University.
North Texans Sound Off On Yelling Vs. Spanking StudyHow to discipline or punish children is always a hot topic. Yelling, shouting, and raising your voice...may feel natural. But a new study says those actions should only be used to get a child's attention.
New School Debates Corporal Punishment In SchoolsIrving ISD school board president proposed something be brought back that most have abandoned — corporal punishment (spanking). New School debates.
Irving ISD School Board President Proposes A Return To Corporal Punishment
Board Votes Down Gender Specific School SpankingThe small city of Springtown is tackling the big issue of spanking at school. Until now, the district only allowed men to paddle the boys, and women to paddle the girls.
SMU Study Shows Many Parents Still Spank Kids A study conducted in North Texas shows that many mothers spank their children and researchers say many of the reasons for those spankings are relatively minor disciplinary issues.
State Legislature Approves Corporal Punishment LimitsThe Texas legislature has approved a final version of a once-contentious bill requiring schools statewide to get parental permission before applying corporal punishment.