Texas Health Commissioner Says Johnson & Johnson Vaccines Should ResumeCoronavirus vaccine providers in Texas should resume using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Texas health commissioner Dr. John Hellerstedt said Saturday.
US To Resume Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccinations Despite Rare Blood Clot RiskThe FDA and CDC officially lifted the pause that was put in place last Tuesday, August 13, despite concerns over a potential link to rare and deadly blood clots.
CDC Recommends Resuming Use Of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 VaccineExperts don’t expect the decision to have too much of an impact in Texas, where demand for the vaccine is down.
Dallas County Celebrates 400,000 Vaccines Administered At Fair Park SiteWith this achievement now, 45% of the Dallas County’s total population have received at least their first shot. That’s up 20% in about the last month.
Texas Health Officials Planning Next Steps In COVID Vaccine ProcessThose who operate COVID-19 vaccine hubs in North Texas are starting to notice changes -- demand for the vaccine is starting to drop, and the supply is going up.
North Texas Counties To Transition To Smaller COVID-19 Vaccine SitesFewer drive-through sites are likely, in favor of mobile clinics in neighborhoods, community centers, churches and eventually workplaces.
Dallas County Resident On Immunosuppressant Medication Dies Of COVID-19 After Receiving 2 Vaccine DosesA total of 3,807 Dallas County residents have lost their lives due to COVID-19 illness, after 13 more deaths were reported Monday.
North Texas Seeing Plenty Of COVID-19 Vaccine Supply With No Wait ListsEven with the current pause on the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, health officials say there is still plenty of supply in North Texas. However, demand seems to be less.
Dallas County Says It Needs To Double Number Of COVID-19 Vaccination Site Volunteers“We need about 350 volunteers on a given day,” said Christian Grisales with Dallas County Health and Human Services. “Right now we're getting less than half.”
Parkland's Chief Medical Officer Says Those Who've Received J&J COVID-19 Vaccine Shouldn't Worry“This particular kind of blood clot, in folks just walking around on the street, occurs at a rate of about three in a million,” he said.
Dallas County Launches COVID-19 Vaccination SchedulerDallas County Health and Human Services has transitioned from the registration waitlist to a vaccination scheduler now that vaccine supply has increased and the waitlist has been depleted.
Quick Switch: Dallas County Gives Moderna And Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines At Fair Park, With J&J On PauseWhile the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is on hold, health officials are urging people to get the Moderna or Pfizer shot.
J&J COVID-19 Vaccine Probe Fueling New Hesitancy In Dallas' Minority Community"It's like buying a new car," says Gerard Claiborne, "that first new revision? It's always some recalls, and this is a recall..."
What To Do If You Received Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 VaccineOf the 6.8 million Americans who have received the vaccine so far, six women between the ages 18 and 48 have experienced a rare and severe type of blood clot.
North Texas At-Home And In-Person COVID Vaccination Events Canceled Because Of Johnson & Johnson 'Pause'Health organizations and municipalities across North Texas are canceling their COVID-19 vaccination events after federal recommendations that use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine be temporarily paused.