DFW Moments: Dallas Police AmbushJuly 7, 2016 is considered one of the darkest days in DFW history when four Dallas Police officers and one DART Police officer was shot and killed in downtown Dallas.
Dallas Strong Releases Video About July 7 Tragedy To The PublicIt was just last month when Texas, and the nation, took time to remember five police officers ambushed in downtown Dallas. Today Dallas Strong released a video, previously only seen by relatives of the victims, to the public.
Dallas Ambush Survivors Remember Ordeal On 1st Anniversary"I knew today was coming, I just didn't realize it would be so painful for me," said Shetamia Taylor.
El Centro College, Linked To Police Ambush, Remembers 1 Year LaterDuring a ceremony at the college Friday morning, President Jose Adames read aloud the names of the fallen officers.
Quiet Effort Preserves the Mementos That Marked Dallas' SorrowThe tokens and mementos of a city in mourning have found a (albeit temporary) home.
Timeline of July 7 Dallas Police AmbushOne year later, the July 7 ambush on police officers in downtown Dallas is still considered an open investigation, therefore; an official account of events from that night have never been made public.
Dream Courts Rise Out Of Dallas TragedyOn the one-year anniversary of the Dallas police ambush, basketball courts are helping police and families heal.
Sniper Attack Was Part Of Chaotic Year For Dallas PoliceThe Dallas Police Department has weathered significant changes in the year since a sniper killed five law enforcement officers.