Dallas Zoo's Gorilla 'Hope' Passes Away Unexpectedly: 'We Are Devastated'Hope and the other members of the troop had been experiencing mild gastrointestinal symptoms recently, the Dallas Zoo said in a statement.
Dallas Zoo Now Certified 'Sensory Inclusive' For Guests With Sensitivities, AutismThe 106-acre park partnered with KultureCity to ensure all programs, events and campus are all sensory inclusive. Zoo staff members were trained by medical professionals on how to recognize guests with sensory needs and how to handle a sensory overload situation.
Dallas Zoo Shares Video Of Latest Babies Hatching: Spitting Cobras!The Dallas Zoo is introducing some baby snakes!... 32 of them from two adult females.
Dallas Zoo's Recently-Obtained African Painted Dog Killed By Her Pack Mates"Upon reviewing the closed circuit video feed from the area, we know that she quickly succumbed to injuries sustained during a short bout of aggressive behavior from the two male dogs."
Necropsy To Be Conducted On Dallas Zoo Giraffe 'Witten' That Died Under Anesthesia During Physical ExamWitten was getting prepared to move to a zoo in Canada, as part of a breeding recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
Dallas Zoo 1-Year-Old Giraffe Named After Cowboys Jason Witten DiesWitten turned 1-year-old on April 26. The zoo said Monday, "Witten captured all of our hearts with his outgoing, lovable personality and will be deeply missed."
Dallas Zoo Welcomes Endangered African Painted Dogs After 57-Year AbsenceGuests can meet the trio starting Monday, June 17. They can be found in the former cheetah habitat next to the lions in the Giants of the Savanna.
It's A Girl! Hippo Calf Born At Dallas Zoo Is FemaleMuch to the delight of guests, the Dallas Zoo held a gender reveal party for its newest Nile hippopotamus calf.
Dallas Zoo's Oldest Male Chimpanzee 'Doyle' Passes Away At 49The zoo said the chimps were all given time to say goodbye to Doyle, who was known as the peacemaker of the troop.
Baby Hippo At Dallas Zoo Splashing Around With MamaIt's been less than two weeks and the newest hippopotamus calf at the Dallas Zoo appears to be adjusting just fine.
Dallas Zoo Shows Off New Crested Coua Chick With Unique MarkingsIt looks like graffiti or some sort of traffic warning sign... but it's just a part of the natural anatomy of a chick recently born at the Dallas Zoo.