Texas Sends Thousands Of Doctors, Nurses To Hospitals Across State Swelling With Coronavirus Patients"That's a critical need in Texas right now. We're seeing hospitals in various parts of the state, starting to see more and more COVID patients again."
Trump Administration's Coronavirus Task Force Recommends More Testing In TexasThe state isn't planning to impose additional testing requirements at this time, but that doesn't keep other entities from enacting the recommendations on their own.
Medical Model Indicates Dallas County Could See 2K Coronavirus Cases Per Day Before Thanksgiving"Now is the time to turn it around. The decisions you make today will determine the numbers in the coming days," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.
Health Officials Warn COVID-19 Spike In North Texas Continues To Affect Hospitalization RateAs COVID-19 cases continue to rise in North Texas, health officials are making predications for what we could see in the coming weeks, especially when it comes to hospitalizations.
Coronavirus Hospitalizations Increase In North Texas As Fatigue Sets In For Some Healthcare WorkersPresident and CEO of the DFW Hospital Council Stephen Love said right now, there are about 1,700 coronavirus patients in North Texas hospitals.
As Case Numbers Drop In Texas, Health Officials Hope COVID-19 Hospitalizations Will Follow SuitDuring the past couple of weeks, the number of newly confirmed coronavirus cases in Texas has dropped statewide by 19%.
North Texas Hospitals Watching For Spread Of Coronavirus From July 4 WeekendHospital administrators in North Texas will be watching to see if COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations spike again after Monday, which is more than two weeks after the Fourth of July holiday weekend.
North Texas Health Officials Looking To Increase Coronavirus Testing This WeekHealth officials in North Texas are working to increase testing capabilities for COVID-19 as the number of infected patients continues to grow.
North Texas Medical Facilities Preparing Daily For Possible Coronavirus CasesAn active team at UT Southwestern Medical Center has made the coronavirus a priority, adjusting screening protocols, coordinating medical records, and briefing staff.
President Trump Signs Executive Order To Make Health Care Costs More Transparent: 'We're Giving Power Back To Patients'While the industry welcomes price transparency some are skeptical about how it will all work.