Utah Man Sues McDonald's Claiming His Drink Was SpikedA man from Utah has alleged in a new lawsuit that a McDonald's employee spiked his Diet Coke with a heroin substitute in August 2016. He incident landed him in the emergency room.
Coca-Cola Raising Prices Because Of Aluminum TariffsCoca-Cola has hiked up the prices of its carbonated drinks because the recently enacted tariff on imported aluminum has made Coke cans more expensive to produce.
Get The Perfect Pour At These 3 New Dallas Cocktail BarsLooking for the cocktail bar of your dreams? We've found a lineup of new spots worth checking out in Dallas. Here are some places to visit the next time that you're in search of inventive new drinks.
Coca-Cola Says Diet Drinks Doing Better After RevampCoca-Cola said that its diet drinks are selling better after undergoing some image changes. Coke Zero was changed to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, and Diet Coke received new can sizes and flavors.
Starbucks Employee Fired After Mocking Customer With StutterStarbucks said that an employee in Philadelphia has been fired after reportedly mocking a customer with a stutter. The company said that the behavior was not appropriate.
Advisors Say Starbucks Must Do More To End Racial BiasStarbucks needs to do much more to eliminate racial bias from its stores, according to a report that urges the company to conduct civil rights and consumer profiling audits.
Gatorade Is Going Sugarless For The First Time In HistoryGatorade is ditching sugar. Gatorade Zero, a thirst quencher without sugar or carbs, hit stores around the country this week. It comes in orange, lemon lime and glacier cherry.
Starbucks To Accelerate U.S. Store Closings Next YearStarbucks said that it will accelerate its store closings in the U.S. next year as it tries to boost sluggish sales. The company will close 150 underperforming stores in heavily penetrated markets.
McDonald's To Switch To Paper Straws In U.K., IrelandMcDonald's said Friday it will test an alternative to plastic straws in some of its U.S. restaurants later this year.
Starbucks Raising Price Of Brewed Coffee In Most U.S. StoresIt doesn't matter if you get the tall, grande, or venti -- your Starbucks habit just got a little more expensive.
Special Cows Could Solve Your Milk Indigestion ProblemsA2 milk is produced by a subset of cows that produce milk that is lacking a protein which, backers explained, is associated with milk's dyspeptic tendencies.