UTA Graduate Upset Over Ebola QuarantineA nurse with North Texas connections has been placed in isolation after returning from West Africa
Fort Bliss Soldiers To Deploy For Ebola MissionAbout 75 soldiers from a West Texas Army post are being deployed to West Africa.
Hospital Of Dallas Ebola Patients Posts Poor ER BenchmarksFor all the strengths of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, the first U.S.-diagnosed Ebola patient walked through its seemingly weakest link: the emergency room.
Health Officials Release Chart Of Those Currently Monitored For EbolaWhile the conditions of two North Texas nurses who contracted Ebola continue to improve, health officials say they continue to monitor dozens of other people who may have been exposed to the virus.
CDC Releases Revised Ebola Safety Gear GuidelinesHealth officials released new guidelines for how health workers should gear up to treat Ebola patients. Health workers have pushed for new standards since two Dallas nurses were diagnosed with the disease.
Because Of Ebola: Knock Before Entering One North Texas ERWalk into the emergency room entrance at Baylor Medical Center in Frisco and you'll face a locked sliding glass door, with a sign attached telling you to knock.
Texas Health Resources' CEO Apologizes For Ebola ResponseTexas Health Resources CEO Barclay Berdan publishes apology over Ebola Response.
Friends, Family Of Ebola Patient Reach MilestoneFamily and Friends of Ebola patient Thomas Duncan end 21 watch period Sunday,
Liberian Community Concerned About Ebola StigmaEbola patient is being cared for in the city with the second largest population of African immigrants
Ebola Monitoring Inconsistent As Virus SpreadEbola monitoring inconsistent claims continues as we learn more about the spread in Dallas.
Ebola Lapses Persisted For Days At Dallas HospitalMedical records show that for days after the admission, his caregivers were vulnerable.