2012 Was Warmest Year Ever In TexasTexans have survived their warmest year ever. The National Climate Data Center said that 2012's statewide average temperature tied with 1921 at 67.4 degrees.
More Summertime Temperatures For DFWTemperatures on Monday shot into the high-90s across North Texas, and more of the same can be expected on Tuesday.
More Summertime Weather For North TexasA cold front was supposed to move through DFW this past weekend. But, in case you didn't notice, it never arrived. So, expect more summertime temperatures for North Texas this week.
Last Hot Day Before Cold Front Hits DFWNorth Texas is in the final hours of 100-degree heat, likely for the rest of the year. While temperatures on Friday will still reach triple digits, a cold front will arrive for Saturday.
Cold Front Getting Closer To North TexasThe sizzling North Texas temperatures will stick around for Thursday and into Friday. But don't worry, that cold front is coming to bring much-needed relief from the heat.
More Hot DFW Days Before Mild WeekendDFW is going to stay hot, with high temperatures over 100 degrees, for a few more days. But this is just leading up to a very mild weekend, when temperatures fall into the 80s.
Hot Week Is Summer's Last Blast For DFWHot temperatures into the triple digits are set to continue through the rest of the week, cooling down -- and ushering out summer heat -- just in time for the weekend.
Warm DFW Weather For Labor Day WeekIt should be a wonderful Labor Day for North Texans on Monday, especially if you like the heat. Temperatures in the Metroplex will be near 100 degrees almost all week long.