Triple-Digit Temperatures Causing More Heat-Related IllnessesThe triple-digit temperatures happening across all of North Texas can be dangerous and even deadly.
Police: Toddler Dies After 3½ Hours In Hot Day Care VanThe van was parked since 3 p.m., and deputies said its interior was 113 degrees when they arrived.
Young Man Provides North Texas Officer Heat Relief In Random Act Of KindnessOfficer Rogers was running radar when "a young man approached with an ice cold Gatorade, saying the act of kindness was to show his respect for police."
Even In Record-Breaking Heat, Young Athletes 'Play Ball'"I'm back there in the catching gear. It's so hot. Like, crazy hot," says Jaryn Nelson-- who then quickly reiterates that she loves it. "I live for it."
AC Units Not Working At Some Church Summer CampsAbout 200 children and college volunteers in a total of three churches are coping with broken air conditioners.
Heat Cancels Some North Texas Events, But Not Dallas Zoo Dollar DayMake sure you hydrate, put on sunscreen and wear light, loose-fitting clothing to stay as cool as possible.
Ice Companies Loving Heatwave: Triple-Digit Temps Mean Cold CashWhen the temps outside hit triple digits, hanging out inside an ice house has to be about the coolest job around, but business right now is red hot.
Electricity Demands Continue To Break Records In TexasThe Electric Reliability Council of Texas set a new all-time systemwide peak demand record Wednesday afternoon, reaching 71,438 MW between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
Saharan Dust, Extreme Heat Making For Miserable Outdoor Activities“Things will get a little bit better, but probably not until Thursday or Friday will we get back to where we actually have some blue skies."
Extreme Texas Heat Brings A Number Of Health RisksThe extreme hot weather brings a number of health risks for anyone moving around outdoors.
Hundreds Of Fish Found Dead In Pond On National MallOfficials believe the recent extreme heat was responsible for the deaths of several hundred fish found belly-up in a pond on the National Mall.