Tarrant County Extends Face Mask Order To Nov. 30Tarrant County has extended its face mask order for businesses to Nov. 30 as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
Southwest Airlines Removes Boy With Autism And Family From Flight Over Face MaskSouthwest Airlines removed a passenger and her 3-year-old son from a Texas flight Monday after the boy, who has autism, refused to wear a face mask and became upset.
Texans Seeing Dangers Of Coronavirus As Cases In The State Soar Past 500,000As positive coronavirus cases in Texas soar past 500,000, state officials are redoubling their efforts to get residents to wear masks and practice social distancing.
House Orders Face Mask Mandates After GOP Texas Sen. Louie Gohmert Tests Positive For COVID-19Speaker Nancy Pelosi and officials at the Capitol issued broad new face covering requirements Wednesday after a Republican member of Congress from Texas tested positive for the coronavirus.
2 Texas Counties Slammed By Coronavirus Surge Bring In Refrigerated Trucks As Morgues OverfillTwo counties in Texas -- Cameron and Hidalgo -- are sharing a large refrigerated trailer to store bodies of coronavirus patients because of a lack of space at the morgues.
COVID-19 Deaths Hit New High In Texas As Governor Abbott Urges The Use Of Face MasksTwo weeks after Republican Governor Greg Abbott ordered most of the state's 30 million residents to wear masks, Texas is still scrambling to contain one of the biggest coronavirus surges in the U.S.
Growing Number Of Texas Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce Governor Abbott's Face Mask RequirementA growing number of sheriffs in Texas say they are refusing to follow a recent executive order requiring face masks in public. Governor Greg Abbott's mandate aims to slow the spread of coronavirus, as cases in the state soar.
Woman In Fort Worth 7-Eleven Spits On Counter After Being Told She Had To Wear A Face MaskA woman in North Texas became verbally abusive and even spit on a convenience store counter after being told she would have to wear a face mask in order to make a purchase.
Small Business Owners Navigate Complicated Corona Times, Hope Mask Ordinance HelpsTarrant County business owners who spoke to CBS 11 News say they support the new mask requirement, even if customers don’t.
Face Mask Mandate Goes Into Effect For Tarrant County On Friday, 'If You Leave The House - Wear A Mask!'A face mask ordinance for all of Tarrant County was announced this morning as the county reached its second-highest daily count of new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday.
Burleson Mayor Ken Shetter Describes 'Culture War,' Defends Essential Workers Berated For Wearing Masks Describing a "culture war" he didn't even know existed, Burleson Mayor Ken Shetter came to the defense of essential workers he said were "accosted and berated," for simply wearing a mask.