Fake Gun Confiscated By Police From Student At Arlington's Lamar High SchoolPolice Chief Will Johnson said a student overheard another student talking about having the fake gun.
Police: No Way To Tell If Armed Person Pointing Real Gun Or Fake GunPolice said they would like to see some sort of legislation or even federal law that would require replica or BB guns to look much different or have clearer markings.
Man At Center Of Parks Mall Shooting Called 911 To Threaten PoliceThe man Arlington Police say forced an officer to open fire in a crowded shopping mall Sunday wasn't trouble waiting to happen: William Paul Dodd appears to have been searching for trouble for days.
Suspect Shot By Officer At The Parks Mall In ArlingtonArlington police say one suspect was shot by an officer at The Parks Mall Sunday afternoon.
Fake Gun, Real Crime: Police Notice Uptick In ReplicasWhether they shoot BBs, pellets, paintballs or nothing at all, imitation guns can be indistinguishable from the real thing — it's one reason why some criminals gravitate toward them.
Texas Police Say Criminals Often Using Imitation WeaponsPolice in Texas say more crimes are being committed with imitation weapons like BB guns, likely because they're cheap, easy to obtain and criminals may believe -- mistakenly -- that if they're caught, they'll avoid the severe punishment
Arlington Police Chief Calls For Fake Gun LegislationArlington Police Chief Will Johnson is fired up after a carjacker used a fake gun Monday during his crime.
Teen Brings Fake Gun To Lewisville High SchoolA fake gun triggers a very real response at a Lewisville high school Thursday.