Dealers Have Recommendation Until GM Recall Fix Is ReadyThere are new concerns about the current General Motors recall that affects some 1.6 million vehicles worldwide. GM car owners in North Texas are already calling dealerships, searching for a fix, but the fix isn’t ready.
GM Adds 842,000 Vehicles To Ignition Switch Recall General Motors on Tuesday doubled to 1.6 million the number of small cars it is recalling to fix faulty ignition switches linked to multiple fatal crashes.
NTSB Wants Safety Technologies Standard On All VehiclesThe government should require automakers to make the latest collision prevention technologies standard equipment on all new cars and trucks, a move that could reduce fatal highway accidents by more than half.
TxDOT Signs To Regularly Display Traffic Death NumbersThe Texas Department of Transportation is hoping that a sobering new message on highway digital message boards will help save lives in the state. The advisory flashing on the boards lets drivers know that 1,785 people have died on Texas roads this year.
Study: More People Die In Car Crashes On Tax DayWith "Tax Day" looming on April 17, many Americans are adding stress to their lives by trying to file their returns in time. But can that stress kill you?
TxDOT Encouraging Distracted Driving AwarenessThe Texas Department of Transportation has started a campaign to stop distracted driving. TxDOT is saying simply – Talk. Text. Crash.
Tow Truck Driver Traumatized After Fatal Frisco CrashThey were just two drivers, on the same stretch of road, who crossed paths because of a tragic and unforeseen circumstance. Wednesday night the driver of a tow truck slammed into a car carrying a mother and her two daughters.
1 Dead After Mustangs Crash Into McKinney Street SweeperOne person is dead and four others injured after an early Monday morning crash in McKinney that involved two cars and a street sweeper. Police believe street racing was involved.
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