GameStop Shares Up 250% In Two Days. Here We Go Again?GameStop shares surged before the start of U.S. trade on Thursday, with the stock more than tripling over the last two days.
GameStop Announces Resignation Of CFO Jim Bell, Thanks Him For 'Significant Contributions'GameStop Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Jim Bell is resigning from his roles on March 26, 2021.
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What The Surge In GameStop Stock Could Mean For YouIndependent investors communicating online started purchasing GameStop shares, driving up the price. AMC Theaters, American Airlines, and Bed Bath & Beyond became hot commodities, too.
Grapevine-Based GameStop's Stock Surge Shaking Wall StreetStock-trading platform, Robinhood and a few others announced Thursday, Jan. 28, they were restricting transactions for certain stocks, including GameStop.
Does GameStop's Soaring Stock Indicate A Possible Market Bubble?The stock market has enjoyed unprecedented gains during the pandemic, with the strange, meteoric rise of GameStop among the highlights.
Some Businesses Using Loopholes To Stay Open During Coronavirus-Related Shutdowns"This isn’t just a legal question. It’s a moral question," says University of Texas at Dallas Law Professor Mike Maslanka.
Texans Having Difficulty Filing Claims As Unemployment Numbers SpikeUnemployment claims are mounting as thousands of Texans find themselves jobless.
GameStop Preparing To Close Some 200 Stores By End Of YearAfter GameStop posted 2nd quarter earnings that fell short of predictions, the company announced it would be closing as many as 200 stores by the end of the year.
Armed Serial GameStop Robbery Suspect Wanted In DFWPolice said the suspect pictured in surveillance images has committed at least three aggravated robberies in Lancaster, Dallas and Mesquite.