Gardening 101: Garden In A Box Makes A Great Pollinator GardenThis week’s story is about a purchase I made two years ago and have come to conclusion might be the best money I have ever spent for my garden. “Best” in the sense of plant success over a large area.
Invasive Beetle Attacking North Texas Ash TreesAn invasive beetle from Asia called the Emerald Ash Borer showed up in the Metroplex about three years ago.
Most Efficient Way To Water Plants During North Texas Summer: By The DripSome good news here; drip irrigation is somewhat easy to put in and uses relatively inexpensive parts.
Low-Maintenance Terrariums Can Bring Sense Of CalmTerrariums are tiny green worlds that you can put on your kitchen table next to a window.
Gardening 101: Growing TomatoesThis week's Gardening 101 covers an edible crop that creates some of the most conversation and debate over best practices in North Texas.
Gardening 101: Plant Shapes And TexturesAn integral skill to nice looking landscapes is to work shapes, hues and textures in your landscape in a pleasing form.
Gardening 101: Growing VinesVines can fill spaces other plants can’t reach.
How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your BackyardGrow native plants like trumpet honeysuckle, bee balm, and hummingbird sage, which provide much more nectar than hybrids and exotics.
Gardening 101: Oak WiltThe oak tree is as much an icon to the Texas landscape as cattle and pick-up trucks.
Gardening 101: Summer Color Part 2The second part of a series on summer annuals CBS 11 meteorologist Jeff Ray did with Steve Huddleston of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.
Gardening 101: Summer Color Planting, EnjoymentMake the world more beautiful then you found it. Growing a little summer color helps spread a little summer joy.