Can Gene Therapy Be Harnessed To Fight The AIDS Virus?Researchers think they can improve on a new AIDS treatment and are trying again to tackle HIV by doctoring DNA. New studies to test these tweaked approaches in people are getting underway.
FDA Approves GM Apples & PotatoesPotatoes that won't bruise and apples that won't brown are a step closer to grocery store aisles. The FDA on Friday approved the genetically engineered foods as safe.
Why Are Some People Lazy?Can some people blame their laziness on genetics? Here's a scientific look behind what causes laziness, including evidence of the "couch potato" gene.
Doctors Recommend Genetic Retesting For Breast CancerOver the past decade, the phrases ‘BRCA 1’ and ‘BRCA 2’ went mainstream as genetic testing to assess breast cancer risk became common. But, now, doctors are telling patients whose tests were negative to get retested.
Research Could Lead To Breast Cancer CureAfter analyzing the genetics of actual tumors, researchers say they are now closing in on the causes of cancer and how to cure it.
Study Says Political Beliefs May Be GeneticIn the latest piece of the nature versus nurture puzzle, a new study finds that political beliefs may be influenced by both your genetics and the environment you were raised in.
Opinion: National Review Resorts To Junk Science To Boost RomneyIt isn't just Republican Members of Congress that have junk theories they attach to pseudo-science. Kevin D. Williamson, a conservative writer for the National Review, thinks based on their offspring, genetics and "evolutionary biology" Barack Obama should have ovaries and that Mitt Romney should owns him in this election, "Like a Boss".
Researchers Identify 2 Childhood Obesity GenesAlthough poor food choices and lack of exercise are often blamed for the childhood obesity epidemic, researchers say a genes may share the blame.
Nobel Prize Winner To Discuss Dallas ProjectA scientist who is sharing this year's Nobel Prize in medicine will be speaking about a new research enterprise he has started in Dallas.
Family Health History A Powerful, Underused ToolUncovering all the diseases that lurk in your family tree can trump costly genetic testing in predicting what illnesses you and your children are likely to face.