Plastic Straw Bans Upsetting People With DisabilitiesPeople with disabilities fear that growing efforts to ban plastic straws will limit accessibility at restaurants, on airplanes and at other service establishments.
Michigan Says Autism & Arthritis Now Treatable By Medical MarijuanaMichigan has added several medical conditions to the state's list of ailments which qualify for a medical marijuana prescription. The list now includes arthritis, autism, chronic pain and more.
Tips For Staying Safe While Hiking In The Texas HeatThere's nothing like a walk in the great outdoors to clear your head. But, in the Texas heat, hiking can be very dangerous. There are some tips that you can follow to stay safe.
Pfizer Reorganizes To Handle Aging Consumers And PatentsPfizer, facing an aging population and shifting risks from the loss of patents, is reshaping the company into three businesses.
Dallas County Reports First Human Case Of West Nile Virus In 2018Dallas County Health and Human Services said the patient lives in the 75061 zip code in Irving.
Woman Lives With Tube Protruding From Her BackIt all started in June, when Amy Boykin was diagnosed with a kidney stone.
Studies Find Babies Eating Solid Food Too Early & Overusing PouchesA pair of new studies on infant health have found that many babies in the U.S. are being given solid food too early, and one type of snack may be delaying their development.
Poll Finds More Americans Would Rather Have Son Than DaughterIf you could only have one child, would you rather it be a boy or a girl? More Americans would rather have a son than a daughter, according to a new poll.