DFW Hospitals Seeing Record Breaking Number Of Children Being Treated For COVID-19According to the DFW Hospital Council, there are 125 pediatric COVID patients in area hospitals. That tops the previous high of 111 patients.
Staffing Shortages Stifle North Texas Hospitals As COVID-19 Cases RiseMore than one-third of those who are tested for COVID-19 are coming back positive in the DFW Metroplex.
COVID-19 Transmission In North Texas Reaches Highest Level Yet, Plus Spike In HospitalizationsRoughly 25% of COVID-19 tests in the past six days have been positive in North Texas, the highest percentage recorded to date.
Child COVID-19 Hospitalizations Up Almost 30% As Omicron Variant SpreadsIn New York state, roughly 27% of 5- to 11-year-olds are vaccinated. Nationwide, that number falls to about 23%.
Spike In DFW COVID-19 Hospitalizations Expected To Level Off Soon, UT Southwestern Medical Center SaysThe reason doctors say COVID-19 cases may be peaking is the combination of more people getting vaccinated as well as more people developing antibodies from contracting the virus.
Dallas County COVID-19 Hospitalizations Expected To Peak And Decline, Tarrant County's To Rise, UT Southwestern SaysUT Southwestern believes it’s likely the impact of in-person schooling, and that the increased hospitalizations reflect the large numbers of individuals who are not yet, or cannot yet be vaccinated.
Some North Texas School Districts Reworking Pandemic-Related PoliciesSome students will be returning to school from Labor Day weekend to classrooms with new mask mandates in place.
Health Officials In Texas Warn Of Full ICUs As COVID-19 Surge Worsens Across The StateThe latest surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations is having a deepening effect in Texas, as many hospitals are now stretched to capacity with sick patients.
Despite Relatively High Vaccination Rate, Health Workers In Austin Still Fighting To Get Shots In ArmsOne Texas city is scrambling to get more COVID-19 shots in arms, dedicating personnel at sites across the city -- including vet clinics, churches, rec centers, construction sites, and homeless shelters.
Experts Hope Rise In COVID Vaccinations Means US Is Waking Up To Delta Variant DangersThe Delta variant is wreaking havoc in parts of Texas and through much of the United States, but the "silver lining" -- according to one expert -- is that more Americans appear to be getting vaccinated.
Dallas County Says COVID-19 Hospitalizations In Region Have Quadrupled In 1 Month"Over 1,200 individuals are now hospitalized with COVID-19 in our North Texas region. One month ago, it was just over 30," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.