More Than 60% Of All US COVID Cases Were Reported Since Election Day, Now Variant Could Fuel SpreadThe number of positive COVID-19 cases in the U.S. is surging at an exponential rate. With some has 24 million cases in America, more than 60% of those have been reported since Election Day on November 3.
'Harder Than Anything I've Ever Been Through': Plano Fire Chief Sam Greif Goes Home After 16 Days In Hospital With COVID-19"For the love of God boys, y’all don’t want this. Stay safe out there," Chief Sam Greif told his firefighters.
Ronald McDonald House Dallas Aiming To Raise $40K In 40 Days To Feed Its FamiliesRonald McDonald House Dallas is celebrating 40 years of providing a home away from home for families of children who are hospitalized.
Texas Nears 1 Million Coronavirus Cases As U.S. Reports 5th Worst Day Since Start Of PandemicThe state of Texas and the United States are both approaching grim coronavirus milestones.
Remdesivir 1st FDA-Approved Treatment For COVID-19The antiviral was approved for use in emergency situations back in the spring, but doctors tell CBS 11 this new move will help them get the treatment to patients faster.
Wilmer Police Chief Victor Kemp Battling COVID-19 Pneumonia: 'It Has Never Been More Real To Me Than Now'Chief Kemp said he's sharing his private battle publicly to let people know how dangerous the virus can be.
Texas Woman In ICU After Hand Sanitizer Catches Fire: "My Whole Body Was Just Consumed In Flames"A Texas woman is in the intensive care unit after being severely burned when her hand sanitizer allegedly caught fire while she was trying to light a candle.
North Texas 24-Year-Old Who Was 'Close To Death' From Coronavirus Leaves Hospital After 79 DaysPaola Castillo was placed on a ventilator within the first 24 hours at the hospital.
Dallas ISD Police Officer Goes Home After 101 Days Hospitalized With Coronavirus: 'Don't Think This Is A Joke'“You can beat this thing. It took me a hundred days to do it. Actually today is the 101st day!” Sgt. Vincente Remediz said.
Texas ICU Nurse Hospitalized With COVID-19 After Previously Testing NegativeAn ICU nurse in Texas has found herself in the position of some of the same patients she's spent weeks treating -- hospitalized with COVID-19, but her medical emergency happened after she tested negative for the virus.
Former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Hospitalized With Coronavirus; Attended Trump Tulsa RallyCain, 74, was hospitalized after developing “serious” symptoms but is “awake and alert,” according to the statement.