North Texas Couple Whose Son Survived Being Left In Hot Car Fights For Mandatory Technology To Prevent TragedyMost parents believe leaving their child locked in a hot car could never happen to them... until it does. It happened to Eric Stuyvesant.
Missing 2-Year-Old Denton Boy Sarbesh Gurung Found Dead Inside VehiclePolice in Denton had been searching for a missing 2-year-old for more than 15 hours when a horrible discovery was made.
North Texan Whose Son Survived Hot Car Argues For Technology That Detects Children Left InsideMichelle Stuyvesant wants to see a federal law passed that would require technology in every car that detects when a human being is left inside.
4-Year-Old Boy Found In Hot Car Near Aubrey Dies In HospitalThe 4-year-old boy who was found unresponsive inside a car this week died Saturday morning, police said.
Child Left In Hot Car Near Aubrey Passes Away Incident Reported To Family And Protective ServicesA family member discovered the child in the vehicle in the 10000 block of Franklin Street in Providence Village in Denton County shortly before 5:00 p.m. Thursday.
Child Found In Car In Providence Village Has DiedA young boy has died after being found or left in a car in Providence Village.
Flower Mound First Responders Rescue Child From Car Mom Accidentally LockedThe rescuers posed for a photo with the mother and child and tweeted out a reminder to parents about the dangers of leaving a child in a hot car for even a few minutes.
Officer Rescues Baby Locked In Hot CarA woman called police after she accidentally locked her granddaughter in her car while loading groceries.
Kids In Hot Cars, A Warning Worth RepeatingWhen the summer heat reaches hazard territory, warnings about kids and hot cars can be expected. And yet it is a warning worth repeating: because dozens of kids each year still die.
Mom Allegedly Left Son In Hot Car, Shoplifted At Texas StoreAuthorities have arrested a woman accused of leaving her 7-year-old son in a hot car while she allegedly shoplifted some makeup from a Houston-area Walmart.
North Texas Officer Endures 45 Minutes In Hot Car To Point Out Dangers"Oh my gosh, my head is just pounding right now. Seeing purples and pinks," Officer Lane said just before stepping out of the vehicle.