Tow Truck Drivers Came To The Rescue, Literally, At Scene Of Fort Worth I-35W PileupThe emergency response to the February 11 pileup on Interstate-35W was massive and likely wouldn't have been as successful without the help of tow truck drivers.
6 Victims In Deadly Fort Worth Pileup Involving 130+ Vehicles IdentifiedAt least 6 people were killed on February 11 when more than a hundred cars, trucks, and semi tractor-trailers slipped, slid and crashed on an icy section of I-35W. This morning we know the identity of five of those who lost their life.
Driver Able To Pull Over After Being Struck In I-35W Pileup Pulled 1 Person To Safety, Couldn't Save Other“Right at that bridge over the Trinity River, and it’s just mass pandemonium on my side of the road,” said Ryan Chaney, who was driving in the regular lanes of I-35W.
6 Dead, Dozens Injured After Pileup Of Over 130 Vehicles On I-35W In Fort WorthOfficials in Fort Worth confirmed at least six people, who have not been publicly identified, were killed in the crash.
WATCH: Person Narrowly Escapes Serious Injury (Or Worse) During Massive I-35W Pileup In Fort WorthIn a video captured by a driver, a person along the highway can be seen ducking near a wall as an 18-wheeler crashed into the pileup, which caused multiple vehicles to go into the air.
Truck Driver Shares Experience Driving Into Massive I-35W Pileup: 'All Of A Sudden There's Ice And Everybody's Wrecking'"You don’t see the ice, ‘til you feel it... You can’t stop, so I steered off into that wall... then the people behind me just bam, bam, bam, bam," Michael Howard said.
Texas State Rep. Ramon Romero Jr. Says He's Investigating Cause Of Deadly I-35W Pileup: 'Who Dropped The Ball And Why?'"Who was responsible for safety on this roadway?" That's just one of the many questions Texas state Rep. Ramon Romero, Jr. is asking about the deadly pileup on Interstate-35W in Fort Worth.
WATCH: Dog Pulled Out Of Wreckage Of Deadly I-35W Pileup In Fort WorthChopper 11 captured video of a dog being pulled out of the massive I-35W pileup and taken to safety.