Familiar Challenges For New Fast-Track Docket For Migrants Entering The USThe average time for U.S. immigration cases to be resolved is nearly four years. But that's not the mandate in one judge's courtroom.
Only Vaccinated Foreign Nationals Allowed Into America At Land Crossings, U.S. Customs And Border Protection RemindsU.S. Customs and Border Protection is reminding the public that starting today, only those fully vaccinated foreign nationals with appropriate and valid entry documents will be permitted to cross into the country from Mexico at land border crossings.
U.S. To Send Deportation Case Notices To 78,000 MigrantsThe U.S. government is expected to launch an operation to send court documents to 78,000 migrants who were not processed for deportation after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border without authorization this year.
After Criticism, Biden Administration Announces New Rules Limiting Migrants Arrest, DeportationThe Biden administration has announced new rules that require authorities to only pursue migrants who recently crossed into the country without permission or are deemed to pose a threat to public safety.
Southern Border Officials Clear Camp Of Haitian Migrants Under Del Rio International BridgeThe encampment of mostly Haitian migrants underneath the international bridge in Del Rio, was completely cleared by border officials.
Haitian Migrants On Texas Border With Mexico Undeterred Plans To Expel ThemStill reeling from a major earthquake in August and the assassination of their President in July, Haitian migrants in Texas say they will not be deterred by plans to send them back to their home country.
US Launches Mass Expulsion Of Haitian Migrants Who Crossed Into Texas IllegallyIn all, U.S. authorities moved to expel many of the more 12,000 migrants camped around a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, after crossing from Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.
Thousands Of Haitian Migrants Crowd Under Bridge To Wait In Texas Town On Mexican BorderThousands of mostly Haitian migrants have crowded under a bridge in the small Texas border town of Del Rio, as a huge migration surge across the Rio Grande continues.
Human Smuggler Abandons 9-Year-Old In The Brush Near Southern Border A nine-year old boy was one of several migrants saved by border patrol agents at the Texas--Mexico border this week.
Federal Judge In Texas Blocks ICE Guidelines On Arrests, DeportationsA federal judge in Texas blocked guidance that limits who ICE should arrest or deport from the U.S., marking a setback for the Biden administration, which had put those rules in place in January.
Feds Working To Cut Backlog Of Asylum Cases At US-Mexico BorderThe Biden administration has proposed changing how asylum claims are handled, aiming to reduce a huge backlog of cases from the U.S.-Mexico border that has left people waiting years.