Rare Pink Crickets Bred In JapanFour of them were shown to the public on Monday, attracting many children and insect fans.
World's Oldest Person Dies At 117 In JapanMiyako Chiyo, the oldest person in the country and world, died Sunday at the age of 117.
Tokyo 2020 Reveals Names Of Olympic & Paralympic MascotsJapan has unveiled the names of its mascots for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Miraitowa will appear at the Olympic Games. The Paralympic Games mascot is Someity.
Royals Sign 16-Year-Old Japanese Junior High School PitcherKaito Yuki is headed to the Royals instead of attending high school in Japan. He is thought to be the first Japanese junior high school player to sign with a major league club.
Japan Leaves Clean Locker Room & 'Thank You' Note After World Cup LossAfter their World Cup loss to Belgium on Monday, the Japan soccer team left behind a "thank you" note in their locker room. Oh, and they cleaned up the locker room, too.
Japan & Senegal Fans Help Clean Up World Cup StadiumsAfter both Japan and Senegal won at the World Cup in Russia on Tuesday, some of their fans decided to stay behind to clean up the mess within the stadiums.
Japanese Baseball Fans Thrilled With Shohei Ohtani's Strong StartShohei Ohtani's electrifying start with the Angels has certainly sent a jolt of excitement through his fans back home in Japan. Ohtani homered in his second straight home game Wednesday.
United Airlines Halts Pet Shipments After Several Animal MishapsUnited Airlines is hitting the pause button on letting customers pay to ship pets as cargo. The carrier's decision on Tuesday comes a week after United inadvertently flew a German shepherd to Japan instead of Kansas.
Dog Mistakenly Sent To Japan Returned Home To U.S. In StyleA dog who was mistakenly flown to Japan is back with his family in Kansas.
Coca-Cola May Get Boozy With Bubbly Alcoholic Drink In JapanCoca-Cola said that it is experimenting with a canned beverage in Japan that would be a mix of sparkling water and an alcoholic drink. The company declined to say when the drink may launch.
Rangers Open Baseball, Business Deal With Japan's Nippon HamThe Texas Rangers and Japan's Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters are starting a multiyear agreement this year that will involve baseball and business operations.