Sandler: Rangers Lose Weekend Series, Looking Back At Fielder's Career
Jared Sandler Remembers Prince The Player & Father As His Career Comes To An Abrupt EndI’m a die hard sports fan, rooting passionately for my favorite teams, maybe to the detriment of my long-term help at times. With that said, my reaction to Prince’s comments was way less outrage and way more, “If I can only be so lucky one day,” thinking about the great opportunity to be a dad.
Sandler's Thoughts On The Rangers Needs At The Trade DeadlineJuly is always an incredibly fun month to break up the monotony of a baseball season with the rumors and execution of trades.
Sandler: Rangers Can Benefit From Added Bullpen DepthOk, so here's the deal. The biggest takeaway from last night is something we already knew: the Rangers can certainly benefit from added bullpen depth.
Sandler: Rangers Win Another Series, Prince Heating UpDon't look now, but Prince Fielder is really hitting well of late
Jared's The BestJared Sandler has had enough!
Sandler: Choo's Big Impact On Lineup, Colby Lewis Makes His All-Star CaseMLB Network Radio's Casey Stern joined me to discuss the Rangers possible involvement in the coming trade season and more.
Sandler: Rangers Keep Rolling On The RoadJurickson Profar, who is incredibly bright and charismatic and fun to talk to, shared a great conversation with Ben Rogers and Kevin Hageland earlier this week on 1053 The Fan
Rangers Radio Broadcast Team Named Best In BaseballRangers fans have always known that Eric Nadel is the best announcer in baseball, now they have the proof to back it up.
Sandler's Thoughts After Rangers Win Over AstrosHere are some thoughts, stats, and notes from last night's 6-5 Rangers win... (as always, in no particular order)
Sandler: Rangers Sweep Mariners; The Great Fielder DilemmaWhat should the Rangers do with Prince Fielder? It's a really interesting question. There are plenty of options and we can discuss them all later, but I want to quickly point out why I think making him a bench player is a bad idea.
Sandler: Yu Returns, Mazara Goes Big As Rangers Train RollsYu Darvish threw two pitches at least 98 MPH in his debut. They were the two hardest thrown pitches of his career. He had reached 98 MPH just once prior to Saturday.
Sandler: Rangers Complete Weekend Sweep Of Astros - Again!Two series against the Astros. Two sweeps. Two great showings versus Dallas Keuchel. So sweet. So sweet.
Jared Sandler's Thoughts On Rangers-Blue Jays BrawlMy thoughts on yesterday...(in no particular order)
Sandler: Rangers Close Series With A Bang Against JaysMy biggest issue with the whole ordeal yesterday was Jose Bautista's slide. I thought it was dirty and unnecessary. More than that, I thought it was selfish, costing his team a critical out in the eighth inning of a one-run ballgame.