Outgoing Texas GOP Lawmaker Calls For Trump's ImpeachmentRep. Jason Villalba tweeted Tuesday that "it's time to change course" if the president chooses Russians over U.S. officials.
Dallas State Rep. Files Hot Car BillThe bill is aimed at making it so good Samaritans don't face criminal charges and are not held liable for breaking into a vehicle to save a child or an animal in danger.
Texas Republicans Lose Cruz, Gain Trump - But Do They Want Him?Texas Republicans headed to next week's state convention are finding themselves without their expected candidate, as the Lone Star State's primary winner, Senator Ted Cruz, suspends his campaign.
Officers 'On Watch' After North Texas Lawmaker Receives ThreatsLaw enforcement is being extra-vigilant with a North Texas Republican legislator who has received threats over a bill that would limit independent bloggers filming police.
Lawmaker Drops Religious Freedom ProposalA legislator from Dallas has scrapped his proposal preventing the government from burdening a person's free exercise of religion after opposition from Texas businesses.
Extra Public School Funding May Come From TaxpayersIt’s up to the state legislature to determine where the extra money for education will come from.
North Texas State Rep. Wants Domestic Violence RegistryIn the age of online dating a state bill, co-authored by a representative from North Texas, will probably be of special interest to women and men entering into a new relationship. Texas House Bill 21 proposes creating a Domestic Violence Registry.
Newly Elected State Rep. Says Texas Teachers Should Be Allowed To Carry GunsA North Texas politician just elected to the state house has put forward a plan to allow concealed weapons on school campuses.