Construction Crews Mistakenly Cut Down TreesA spokesperson for the city of McKinney has called it " a really awful mistake."
Arlington To Allow More Gas DrillingArlington has allowed plans to go forward for more natural gas drilling despite two recent small earthquakes in the area.
Texas Presbyterian Nurses Stand Behind HospitalNurses and staff from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital marched out of their hospital building dressed in scrubs Monday afternoon to appear in a united front before the media.
UTA Students Relocate; Move On From StormsNursing student Magen Isaacs' University of Texas at Arlington living quarters are much smaller than where she lived just a week ago.
Frequent Travels To Africa Carry Ebola StigmaThe CDC and homeland security will enhance health screenings for international passengers at 5 airports: New York's JFK, Newark, Washington Dulles, Chicago O'Hare and Atlanta Hartsfield.
Ebola Threat May Impact DFW Airport ProtocolIn a day where travelers are already slowed by long lines at security checkpoint, some think a health checkpoint would be another unnecessary delay.
North Texas Veterans React To Obama's "Latte Salute"The proper way to salute is drilled into every sailor, soldier, marine and airman from the very beginning of training. It is regarded as a sign of respect to properly salute a fellow member of the military.
Malfunctioning Warning Sirens Confuse ResidentsWhen warning sirens blared in Fort Worth last Thursday, fear turned to confusion.
Texas School Textbook Battle Heats Up Over ReligionThe Texas Board of Education is in the process of deciding what your child could be learning in school next year and a battle is brewing over some of those textbooks in the state capitol.
Gun Clubs Popping Up At Area High SchoolsNearly a dozen clay shooting clubs have popped up in North Texas school districts such as Southlake/Carroll, Flower Mound and Argyle.
Garage Explosion Kills 1, Injures AnotherA huge explosion in the garage of an Arlington home rattled houses around it and left one man dead.
Arrow Through The Heart Kills Beloved LlamaEmployees at the Cinnamon Creek Ranch archery range say someone intentionally shot their mascot through the heart with a blunt, target arrow.
Willow Park School Sued, Accused Of Duct Taping Children For PunishmentA Parker County family has filed suit against a private school accusing one of its teachers of abuse.
Virtual Schools A Flexible Option For StudentsMost students spend the first day of school finding their locker or their home room. But Tristin Thomas spent his first day of 8th grade at home, logging into his virtual classroom.
Volunteers Revamp Libraries; Encourage ReadingVolunteers are building comfortable reading spaces; encouraging students to step away from Facebook toward a thirst for knowledge found in books.