What Nomination? Business As Usual At Supreme CourtIt's business as usual at the Supreme Court this week, no matter that confirmation politics is on everyone's mind in Washington. The justices are entering their second month of life without longtime Justice Antonin Scalia.
Texas Abortion Debate Returns To Depleted Supreme CourtThe justices are taking up the biggest case on the topic in nearly a quarter century Wednesday, considering whether a Texas law that regulates abortion clinics hampers a woman's constitutional right to obtain an abortion.
President Obama To Meet With GOP Leaders On Supreme Court FightPresident Barack Obama is due to meet face-to-face Tuesday with the Senate Republican leaders vowing to block his nominee to the Supreme Court -- no matter who it is.
Details On Justice Scalia's Health At The Time Of His DeathHours after the body of Antonin Scalia was found at a Texas ranch, the Supreme Court justice's doctor offered an assessment of his health to local authorities for their death investigation.
Dallas Attorney Who Clerked At U.S. Supreme Court Remembers Justice ScaliaJim Ho was just as shocked as everyone else by the news U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly in Texas this weekend.
Judge: Justice Antonin Scalia Died Of Natural Causes In TexasAfter saying an autopsy should have been performed, a judge now says U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died of natural causes in Texas and no autopsy was necessary.
Justice Scalia Says He 'Fits Right In' In TexasSwearing in new Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht in Austin on Monday, Scalia said, "I do fit right in here."
Planned Parenthood Wants Supreme Court To Block New Texas Abortion LawsPlanned Parenthood asked the Supreme Court Monday to place Texas' new abortion restrictions on hold.