Draft Notes Vol. IV: Go For RunOne thing I don’t like about Murray is that he doesn't blow it open that often. Maybe that’s the job of another back and his job is to set the tone and be physical, but there are a few backs in the draft I think can provide you that type of service, for a cheaper price and who may be able to be gamebreakers.
The Wheel Of Misfortune: Kevin Gets Tackled By Jesse HolleyOn Thursday night Kevin spun the wheel and it landed on 'getting tackled'.
Fan Fans Made Pieceathon PossibleI just want to explain again that #Pieceathon came together in one week. SERIOUSLY!
K&C Team Up With My Possibilities For 'K&C-A-Thon'
Monday Morning Meltdown Week 12: Cowboys 31-Giants 28You never know what’s going to happen with the Cowboys and Giants, but when the boys got the ball after Eli and Co. marched 93 yards in 6 minutes to go up 28-24, I felt confident that Tony Romo wouldn’t let us down.
Mavs’ Move With Dirk Will Pay Off Come Playoff TimeFans of the Mavericks are hyped up about the team’s 9-3 start to the season and that’s understandable. However, there is another reason for Mavs’ fans to be far more excited.
Top 10 Frustrating Things From Cowboys Loss to RedskinsYou’re mad. You’re upset. You’re now indifferent. Either way you feel something about the Cowboys 20-17 OT loss to the Redskins.
K&C Wheel Of Misfortune: Vapor Eyes What happened next was Colby rubbing Vick's Vapor Rub under his eyes - for 11 minutes.
K&C Wheel of Misfortune: Threaded EybrowsCory lost the Wheel of Misfortune! There was some tricky audio editing that might have been altered to force Cory to get this terribly, painful action on his face.
Monday Morning Meltdown: Cowboys Win 20-17 In OTNow, attention turns to a game that could actually validate the Cowboys as a true contender, and that’s the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks.
Should I Eat It?Colby found a green Ruffle in his bag. Kevin found a green lighter in the conference room. What transpires next is one of the great "Should I Eat It" videos of all time.
K&C's Wheel Of Misfortune: Trash Can DinnerShippy lost the Wheel of Misfortune so he must eat from a trash can because that's what it said to do.
K&C Monday Morning Meltdown - Week 4The Cowboys Week 4 win against the Saints puts the Boys up 3-1 and tied for first in the NFC East.
Monday Morning Meltdown - Week 3Cowboys Week 3 against the Rams puts the Boys up 2-1 and 2nd in the NFC East.
K&C's Wheel Of Misfortune: The Chair ShotColby gets revenge from the previous Wheel of Misfortune payoff with Kevin taking a chair shot!