The Foote Files: Lipps, Inc. And FunkytownFunkytown stayed #1 in the U.S. for four weeks in May/June 1980.
The Foote Files: Radio Classic Hit Station On The MoveThe trade publication Inside Radio published an article this week noting the rapid increase in the number of classic hits stations.
The Foote FIles: Yvonne EllimanShe charted five times on the Billboard Hot 100, scoring her only #1 hit on the Hot 100 in the spring/summer of 1978 called “If I Can’t Have You.”
The Foote Files: Little Walter & My BabeLittle Walter was a prolific blues musician, singer, and songwriter in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
The Foote Files: KC And The Sunshine BandThis disco band from Hialeah, Florida was popular from 1975 to 1979, successful on the Top 40 charts and definitely embraced the disco sound.
The Foote Files: Diana RossBorn Diane Ernestine Ross on March 26, 1944 in Detroit, she is one of the most successful R&B singers/actresses in American music/movie history.
The Foote Files: Van McCoy & The HustleOne of the most successful songs of the summer of 1975 had very few lyrics but was right on point for the upcoming disco age that would last another five to six years.
The Foote Files: Christina Aguilera & CompanyWhat company are we referring to when mentioning Christina Aguilera? That of Lil’Kim, Mya and Pink. Four artists working together to produce a #1 hit in 2001!
The Foote Files: Feel Good Time Featuring Pink“Feel Good Time” was released in June 2003, from Pink’s international version of her third album, produced with a dance/punk/psychedelic rock genre.
Ken Foote Summer Songs: Grand Funk Railroad & The Loco-MotionGrand Funk Railroad consisted of Mark Farner (guitar), Mel Schacher (bass), and Don Brewer (drums).
Ken Foote Summer Songs: Billy Preston's 'Will It Go Round In Circles'“Will It Go Round In Circles” was released in March 1973. It was on the charts for fourteen weeks and stayed at #1 for two consecutive weeks.