Demolition Crews Cleaning Up Remains Of Texas Cliff HouseA demolition crew continues to clean up charred debris at Lake Whitney. There isn't much left of the 4,000 square foot luxury home that once dangled over the lake. Though the rubble will soon be gone there's more work that needs to be done.
Time Lapse Video - House Burns At Lake WhitneyThis time lapse video compresses 90 minutes into three. After the earth gave way beneath a house on a cliff overlooking Lake Whitney, officials decided the safest way to demolish the house was by burning it. Video has been electronically stabilized.
Fire Levels Clifftop Home Over Lake Whitney - ConversationSee what others had to say as a home on the verge of falling into Lake Whitney was burned to the ground by authorities.
PHOTOS: Clifftop Home Burns Over Lake WhitneyAuthorities burned the teetering home on Friday morning to prevent it from falling into the water.
House Teetering On Cliff Gets Burned DownThe luxury home that was teetering on the edge of a cliff over Lake Whitney was set on fire Friday afternoon, in hopes of minimizing the debris that would go into the water.
Home Teetering On Cliff May Be DemolishedThe luxury home that has been teetering on the edge of a cliff over Lake Whitney could be destroyed -- possibly burned down -- before it falls into the water below.
House Continues Falling Off 70-Foot Cliff, Into North Texas LakeAn interesting story continues to develop here in North Texas. A luxury home is literally teetering on the edge of a limestone cliff and falling, little by little, some 70 feet below into Lake Whitney.
Luxury Home Dangling Off Cliff Over Lake WhitneyA vacant luxury home is dangling over Lake Whitney after the bluff beneath it has given way and fallen into the lake. Authorities are not expected to intervene.
A Rock Climber's Guide To DFWOne can only climb up and down a colorful, air-conditioned wall so much before their sense of adventure tingles for a little something more. When that happens, it’s time to get outdoors and climb some of nature’s specially designed challenge bringers. Less than three hours from the metroplex, eye-catching views will capture your spirit while your body is put to the test.
Depleted Texas Lakes Expose Ghost Towns & GravesJohnny C. Parks died two days before his first birthday more than a century ago. His grave slipped from sight along with the rest of the tiny town of Bluffton when Lake Buchanan was filled 55 years later.
7 Buildings Burned In Lake Whitney FireA Thursday afternoon grass fire destroyed seven buildings and burned 300 acres in Hill County.