Family: 9-Year-Old Who Hung Herself Was Bullied Over Riding To School With White FriendThe mother of a 9-year-old girl who took her own life says her daughter had been bullied by a group of classmates because she rode to school with a white family.
Study: Stethoscopes Loaded With BacteriaResearchers analyzed 40 stethoscopes that were being used in the ICU and found that all of them were contaminated with a diverse group of bacteria.
One For The Record Books? Hunter Shoots Possibly Largest Buck Ever In United StatesA hunter in Illinois may have shot the largest buck ever in the United States.
'Momo Challenge': Dangerous Social Media Game Prompts Warning From Brick Township SchoolsSchool officials in New Jersey are warning parents of a disturbing social media challenge that is encouraging children to commit dangerous acts, including physical harm and suicide.
Jose Canseco Makes Pitch To Be President Trump's Chief Of StaffThe former baseball player tweeted a the President Wednesday night hoping to be considered for the chief of staff position.
WATCH: Airport Travelers Stop To Sing National Anthem For Children Of Fallen HeroesThe bustling Nashville International Airport came to brief standstill over the weekend as travelers took a moment to pay their respects to a flight full of children of fallen soldiers.
Police: Couple Accused Of Force Feeding Batteries To A ChildA Tennessee mother and her boyfriend are accused of force-feeding batteries to a small child.
New Mom Straps On Baby To Wait Tables During SnowstormWhen a severe snowstorm hit North Carolina Sunday, a new mom took an extraordinary step to be available to wait tables at a local restaurant.