Tillerson Heading For Secretary Of State ConfirmationPresident Trump's nominee for Secretary of State headed for approval in a key Senate committee Monday after Florida Sen. Marco Rubio announced his support, backing off from a challenge to the new President.
Rubio Faces Moment Of Truth On Secretary Of State VoteSen. Marco Rubio of Florida faces a moment of truth as a Senate committee prepares to vote on President Donald Trump's nominee to be secretary of state.
Rubio Calls Trump "Offensive," But Still Backs HimSen. Marco Rubio said that he's still backing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump even though he finds the man offensive. Rubio's campaign issued a statement on the matter Tuesday.
Cruz Hails "Good Night' After Primary LossesAddressing hundreds of raucous supporters at a hotel in his hometown of Houston, Cruz said that "after tonight, America now has a clear choice."
Clinton, Trump Win In Florida; Rubio Drops OutMarco Rubio implicitly rebuked Trump throughout a speech announcing he was dropping out of the race, imploring Americans to "not give in to the fear, do not give in to the frustration."
Rubio & Kasich Fight To Keep White House Hopes AliveMarco Rubio and John Kasich are fighting for their political futures Tuesday, desperate for wins in their home states of Florida and Ohio to keep their White House hopes alive and complicate Donald Trump's path to the nomination.
Extraordinary Tactics As GOP Foes Try To Stop TrumpMarco Rubio is urging Republicans to vote for home-state Gov. John Kasich in Ohio's primary. It's all part of the extraordinary tactics Donald Trump's presidential foes are resorting to in last-ditch efforts to block the party's front-runner.
Opposition To Obama At Heart Of GOP SplinteringA resistance to all things Obama gave birth to the tea party movement that powered the GOP to political success in multiple states. Yet, contained in the movement and its triumphs, were the seeds of destruction.
Some In GOP See Cruz As Best Alternative To TrumpRepublican leaders are grappling with the prospect that the best hope for stopping Donald Trump's march to the nomination may be Ted Cruz, who causes as much heartburn among party elites as the billionaire businessman, if not more.
Rubio Still Searching For Viable BaseMarco Rubio finds his Oval Office ambitions squeezed by Donald Trump's outsider ambush and the Republican Party's resulting identity crisis. The Florida senator has struggled to reconnect with the voters.
GOP Presidential Race Appears To Be Narrowing, But Does It Help Ted Cruz?The Republican field of Presidential candidates appears to be shrinking.