Meteor Over Midwest Lights Up Sky In Several StatesA meteor over Lake Michigan lit up the sky Monday morning across several states in the Midwest.
Meteor Over Western US Lights Up Social Media Social media is lighting up with reports from Nevada, Utah and California of a small fireball streaking across the sky.
North Texas Couple May Have Caught A Falling StarChances are you've made a wish on a falling star, but a North Texas couple wonders if they actually caught one.
Geminid Meteor Shower To Light Up Weekend Sky If the skies are clear this weekend, you’ll have to bundle up and venture outside for a chance to view one of the best meteor showers of the year - the Geminid meteor shower.
Stargazers Preparing For Leonid Meteor Shower This Weekend It's the time of year when stargazers look to the heavens to catch a glimpse of a falling star as the annual Leonid meteor showers will be peaking Saturday through early Monday morning November 16-18
Texans Report Seeing Fireball In The SkyHundreds of people across Texas, including some in the DFW area, are giving online accounts of seeing a massive bright ball of light streak across the night sky on Saturday.
Friday Morning Meteor May Have Been SatelliteJust before 7 o'clock this morning, there was a bright flash in the sky. NASA confirms it was a meteor.
Meteor Streaks Across North Texas SkyThe FAA has confirmed a meteor likely passed across the sky of the Southwest United States Wednesday night, with many people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area hearing and feeling the sonic boom.