Homeowners Say "Stop The Noise" To TMSSeveral homeowners in the far north Fort Worth neighborhood near Texas Motor Speedway want it to put the brakes on concert festivals -- including Texas Mutiny this weekend.
Do People's Loud, Annoying Habits Drive You Nuts?A new video featuring NFL superstar brothers Peyton and Eli Manning is gaining popularity for Peyton’s reaction to his brother’s crunching while snacking.
Neighbors Fear Dallas Love Field Noise IncreaseSouthwest Airlines is counting down to the end of the Wright Amendment at Dallas Love Field. But some of the airport's neighbors are worried about an increase in noise.
Residents Want Love Field Runway Shut Down At Night Because Of Noise During construction at the airport last spring, residents complained planes big and small were using the runway near Lemmon Avenue on the airport's east side and flying over their homes while they sleep.
Southlake Looks To Reduce Aircraft NoiseSouthlake has joined an advocacy group for help dealing with noise issues from DFW Airport. The move comes after weather patterns sent more flights over the city this fall.
Texas Family Kicked Out Of "Family-Friendly" Applebee'sThe parents of of two young boy's say they feel "heartbroken" and "disrespected" after being kicked out of an Applebee's in Texas, over their children's behavior.
Southwest Apologizes For Love Field Noise IncreaseA Southwest Airlines executive apologized Thursday night to residents upset with an increase in noise from jets at Love Field.
Construction Noise On LBJ A Problem For ResidentsAs work continues on the LBJ Express Project - so does the noise. Now a number of homeowners are complaining that they can't sleep, because loud jackhammers are being used at all hours of the night.
Fort Worth Considering Changes To City Noise OrdinanceFort Worth officials are gearing up to rewrite the city's noise ordinance to make it more specific and ease enforcement.
North Texas City Council Okays Drilling Permits
Arlington Okays New Gas Drilling Permits