Remaining Cars Removed From Partially Collapsed Parking GarageAfter more than a week all remaining vehicles trapped in a collapsed parking garage in Irving are free.
Crews Hope To Remove Last Drivable Cars From Collapsed Parking GarageFirefighters are hoping today will be the day the last of dozens of cars trapped in a parking garage collapse in Irving can be removed.
Women Recall Being Inside Irving Parking Garage As It Started CollapsingAs crews in Irving are still removing some of the cars inside a now-collapsed parking garage, two women recall being inside the garage when it started falling apart.
Some Vehicles Trapped In Irving Collapsed Garage Driven OutAs many as 15 cars were being removed so crews have room to shore up the most dangerous parts of the garage.
First Responders Call For More Regulation After Parking Garage CollapseFirst responders are leading the charge for more regulation after a parking garage collapse in Irving.
Worker Surprised After Garage Collapse: 'I Thought I Was Going To Lose My Truck'Becky Welch laughed Wednesday, "OK, yes, It was a little surprising. I thought I was going to lose my truck."
Partially Collapsed Irving Parking Garage Will Have To Be Torn DownThe investigation and the waiting game continues more than 24 hours after dozens of vehicles were crushed in an Irving parking garage collapse.
'Sounded Like A Dumpster Dropped': Firefighters Search Parking Garage CollapseAt least 21 vehicles were impacted when the second story of a parking garage collapsed in Las Colinas.