State Reports Recommends Capping Pre-K Classroom Size At 22A report commissioned as part of Texas' sweeping new prekindergarten initiative recommends capping classroom size at 22 students -- something most pre-K programs statewide are already doing.
Elementary School Not Finished For 1st Day, Parents UpsetWet weather and a delay in receiving construction supplies put construction of Peach Elementary School on Baird Farm Road in Arlington behind schedule.
DISD Goes Door To Door To Fill Empty Pre-K SeatsWith little more than a week remaining before the new school year begins, DISD staffers are taking to the pavement in an all-out push to fill empty seats in the district’s Pre-K and three-year-old early childhood program.
Gov. Abbott's Texas Pre-K Plan Rebuffed By Alma MaterIn Texas, where pre-K is scorned by some conservative activists as "godless," Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's major education initiative is giving classrooms far less money than many once thought.
State Senate Approves Texas Pre-K UpgradeAfter months of criticism from both sides of the political spectrum, the Texas Senate on Thursday approved Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's proposed pre-K upgrade.
Conservatives Call Pre-K In Public Schools "Godless Environment"While Governor Greg Abbott is pushing to expand Pre-K in public schools, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's Grassroots Advisory Board criticized the legislation's $130 million plus price tag in a letter to State Senators who are considering the bill.
Texas Denied Grants For Pre-K FundingThe federal government has denied Texas in the state's application for up to $120 million in grants that would have helped to pay for pre-kindergarten programs.
Texas Mom Charged After Son Takes Gun To SchoolPolice charge mother after her son brings loaded gun to school.
Dallas ISD Pre-K Students Learning Mandarin ChineseAt an age when most students are learning to count, memorize the alphabet, and color between the lines, the Dallas Independent School District is introducing a new subject to a number of Pre-K students: Mandarin Chinese.
DISD's Pre-K Now Lasts All DayThe Dallas Independent School District’s newly expanded pre-kindergarten program debuted Monday.