Fire Risk Is So Great Kia Owners Told To Park Outside, 380K Vehicles RecalledThe risk of an engine compartment fire being sparked is so great, Kia is telling owners of nearly 380,000 vehicles in the U.S. to park outdoors.
Hot Pockets Recalled For Possible Glass, Plastic ContaminationMore than 762,000 pounds of pepperoni Hot Pockets are being recalled as they may contain pieces of glass and hard plastic, according to the USDA.
More Potentially Dangerous Mouthwashes And Hand Sanitizers RecalledAnother company is recalling hand sanitizer because it may contain methanol, a possibly toxic substance also known as wood alcohol.
Nearly 200K Ceiling Fans Sold At Home Depot Recalled Because Blades Can Detach And Fly OffBlades flying off ceiling fans? It's a concern for the King of Fans. The Florida-based company is now recalling more than 190,000 ceiling fans because the fans' blades can detach while in use.
Recall Issued After Depression, Erectile Dysfunction Drugs 'Inadvertently Packaged Together'A "product mix-up" between two separate drugs used to treat depression and erectile dysfunction has led to a recall by pharmaceutical distributor AvKare.
After 8 Reports Of Minor Burns, Ring Recalls Video Doorbells Due To Fire HazardRing is recalling about 350,000 video doorbells that can overheat when incorrect screws are used for installation, posing fire and burn hazards.
1.5M Vehicles Added To Toyota Recall, Fuel Pump Issue Could Stall EnginesThey recalled millions of vehicles earlier this year, now Toyota is adding 1.5 million American vehicles to a recall to fix fuel pumps that can fail and cause engines to stall.
Warning That Backup Cameras Can Go Dark, Ford Recalls More Than 700K VehiclesThe Ford Motor Company is recalling more than 700,000 vehicles in the U.S. because the backup cameras can show distorted images or suddenly go dark.
Ram Pickups Being Recalled Because Floor Mats Can Interfere With Gas PedalFiat Chrysler is recalling more than 186,000 Ram pickups and owners are being advised to take them to dealers immediately because the floor mats can interfere with the gas pedal.
Peaches Sold At Walmart, Kroger & Target Part Of Recall Over Possible Salmonella ContaminationThe CDC has expanded a peach recall to include loose peaches and peach products after 78 people were sickened in 12 states by salmonella poisoning.
General Mills Recalls 3,000 Mislabeled Cans of Progresso Organic Chicken Noodle SoupThe recall was issued because the cans were mislabeled and the product inside contains allergens including soy and dairy which are not labelled on the can.