Video: Roy Pays Off His Bet, Gets Head ShavedIf the NY Mets won, RJ would get a Mets logo shaved into his head. If the KC Royals won, Roy would have to shave his head - bald!
We All Should Embrace the 'Patriot Way'Are you like the millions of NFL fans out there : sick and tired of seeing the New England Patriots skirt the rules of the league, continually operating on the edge of what is and isn't a competitive advantage, only to have their after-the-fact punishments reduced to nothing?
Hot Tub Confessional: Camp FightsAfter a long day at Cowboys Training camp, Roy gets back to the beach house, takes a dip in the Coleman Hot Tub and give us his latest confessional.
Roy Celebrates 'The Summer Of Roy' In SongRoy White has made strides above and beyond anyone at THE FAN and he decided to celebrate ... through song!
Roy Eats The World: JamaicaIn honor of the US vs Jamaica Gold Cup match, Roy dines on the native dishes from the island nation of Jamaica.
Roy Eats The World: CubaIn honor of the US Men's soccer team taking on Cuba in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, Roy dines on some delights from the country of Cuba!
Roy At Batman Arkham Knight ReleaseBatman: Arkham Knight was released this week, and Roy White was there for the midnight release party of the much anticipated video game.
Roy Eats The World!It's time for the knockout round! The U.S. Women take on Colombia in World Cup action on Monday night. But first, Roy takes on Colombian food.
Roy Eats The World -- Sweden Edition!Fish balls and roe paste anyone? And how about some salted black liquorice for dessert?
Roy Eats The World!In honor of the US Women taking on Australia, Roy takes on the worst food Australia has to offer.
Roy Speaks With John Roberts, Linda Belcher From 'Bob's Burgers'If you know the Belcher family, you are familiar with the hilarious Linda Belcher. 105.3 The Fan's Roy White interviewed the man behind the character, John Roberts.
Inside Info On Your Newest Dallas CowboysIn trying to find out a little about the Cow boys newest players from behind the scenes, so I caught up with a friend of mine who happened to be able to see BOTH of them up close during their college years.
Roy Performs A Floor Exercise for Nastia LiukinOlympic legend Nastia Liukin had no idea what she would be walking into when she agreed to visit The Fan.
Roy's Fan SB49 Overview: This Group is AwesomeThe trip out to the Super Bowl, without question, is the thing I looked forward to most this year - even when it means working long hours on very little sleep.
Roy Battles In Roller DerbyRoy White and Brendan Smith attempted to roll with the ladies in Roller Derby this weekend. Things didn't go well...