Latest Amber Alert Has Police Urging Parents To Monitor Their Kids' Social Media AccountsPolice arrested the suspect at the center of the Amber Alert early Sunday morning. Clayton Phillips, 18 and the girl, 13, met online.
FBI Warning: Scammers Targeting Families Who Post About Missing Loved Ones On Social MediaScammers are targeting families who post missing persons on social media.
Candlelight Vigil Planned Tonight For Towhid Family Killed In Allen Murder-SuicideA candlelight vigil is planned tonight in memory of the Towhid family of Allen. 
Texas Child Sex Offender Keith Merchant Sentenced To 30+ Years For Enticement Of 10-Year-Old GirlKeith Merchant, a previously convicted child sex offender in Texas, has been sentenced to more than 30 years in federal prison for attempted enticement of a child.
'Conservative Speech Will Not Be Canceled In The State Of Texas' Says Texas Governor Greg AbbottTexas Governor Gregg Abbott is expected to address Texans today about proposed legislation to address what he says is the censoring of Texans "based on the viewpoints they express."
South Texas Man, Jason Hernandez Sentenced To 11+ Years For Enticing Minor on Social Media Jason Hernandez, 34, of Mercedes, Texas was sentenced to 11 years in prison for engaging in sexual activity with a young girl via social media.
Fort Worth Police Officer Chadwick Hughes Fired For 'Racially Insensitive' Social Media Posts"The Fort Worth Police Department holds every officer to a very high standard and any comment, post, or any communication which is racially insensitive and unprofessional will not be condoned," the department said.
Another Fort Worth Officer On Restricted Duty After Discovery Of 'Racially Insensitive' PostFor the second time this week, a Fort Worth officer has been placed on restricted duty after the discovery of a "racially insensitive" post, police said.
Fort Worth Police Officer On 'Restricted Duty' Following Discovery Of 'Racially Insensitive' Social Media PostsRestricted duty consists of the removal of the officer's gun, badge, and all police powers, pending the outcome of the investigation.
North Texan Known To Millions On Social Media As 'The Freebie Guy,' Kendall Motzny Overcame Poverty"To say that we were poor probably would be an understatement," Motzny said. Christmases were sparse, but his imagination sparked joy in an unlikely place.
Farmers Branch Mayor Robert Dye's Image Used In Scam On InstagramSomeone impersonated him in a fake Instagram account, then used that account to solicit payments from unsuspecting victims who expected to access a federal grant.