Sony Pictures Had "No Playbook" For Hack"They came in the house, stole everything, then burned down the house," Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton said in an interview on Thursday.
FBI Director Gives New Details About Sony HackThe FBI director revealed new details Wednesday about the stunning cyberattack against Sony Pictures.
Sony CEO Breaks Silence On HackSony's top corporate executive condemned the recent hacking assault against its film division, saying his employees were victims of a "vicious and malicious cyberattack."
"The Interview" Expands VOD AccessSony Pictures Entertainment says it is expanding the digital availability of "The Interview" to top cable, satellite and telecom services, beginning Wednesday and increasing through the weekend.
'The Interview' Launches Historic Texas Theatre Into 21st CenturyHundreds of North Texans spent their Christmas watching "The Interview." The Texas Theatre in Dallas was packed.
North Texas Theaters Face Low Liability For Showing "The Interview"Days after Sony Pictures pulled "The Interview" from theaters local theaters get permission to show film.
Sony Hack May Be Costliest Cyberattack EverThe unprecedented hack of Sony Pictures, which a U.S. official said is linked to North Korea, may be the most damaging cyberattack ever inflicted on an American business.
Sony Pictures Pulls Plug on 'The Interview'After several theaters in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and across the country refused to show Seth Rogan's new comedy "The Interview," Sony Pictures announced on Wednesday it was pulling the plug on the movie all together.
Sony Pictures Cancels Release Of 'The Interview' Amid Terrorist ThreatsAmid hacking and terrorist threats, Sony Pictures has canceled the planned Dec. 25 release of the comedy film 'The Interview'.
Experts Doubt North Korea Hacked SonySpeculation has been rampant that North Korea sponsored last week's Sony Pictures hack in anger over the new movie "The Interview," starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.