Final Four To Be Broadcast In Spanish For 1st TimeNext month's Final Four will be broadcast in Spanish for the first time. The NCAA's senior vice president of basketball said that the addition of a Spanish broadcast will help diversify the sport's fan base.
Language Barrier Doesn't Stop Girl From Befriending New ClassmateIt’s not easy for any child to transition to a new school and make new friends, and it’s especially hard for a transfer student who doesn’t speak English yet.
Kaine Puts Spanish To Good Use On Campaign TrailTim Kaine's workmanlike Spanish is the only game in town when it comes to speaking directly to one of the country's fastest growing voting blocs during the 2016 presidential campaign.
Clinton Campaign Seeks To Make Most Of Kaine's SpanishBut while some Latinos say there's a practical value to Kaine's skills, they add the days are gone when that alone is enough to win over Hispanic voters.
Touching Cartoon About Mannequin Factory WorkerThis is one of those animated videos that will put a tear in your eye and a smile on your face -- and, unless you speak Spanish, you won't understand a word of it. You won't need to.
Family Sues Texas Over Centuries-Old Land GrantMore than 600 descendants of a Mexican settler have sued Texas over the alleged 1870s seizure of a royal land grant.
2016 GOP Candidates Speaking In SpanishRepublicans are bringing something unique to the 2016 presidential campaign -- an ability to speak to Americans in both of their main mother tongues, Spanish and English.
ICE Expands Child Predator Locator AppAn iPhone app designed to help catch fugitive and suspected child predators led law enforcement officials to a suspect less than 36 hours after it became available, according to federal law enforcement officials.
Firefighters Taking Flu Prevention Message Door-To-DoorThe small lobby of the Neighborhood Clinic on Collins in Arlington was cramped with patients Monday, many of them suffering flu-like symptoms. When asked if the number of patients was larger than normal a doctor said, "Oh goodness, yes!"
Eastfield College Professor Reminds Dallas Students It Is Never Too Late To Go Back To SchoolYou can’t help getting older, but you can do something about growing more skilled, more educated or more competitive in the work marketplace.
Jose Calderon Teaches Mavs Teammates SpanishDallas Mavericks guard Jose Calderon set out to teach some of his teammates how to speak Spanish...kind of. Watch the video here!