Dewhurst Ready To Tap Rainy Day FundLt. Gov. David Dewhurst said, with the state's population set to double in the next 40 or 50 years, it is time to tap the Rainy Day Fund, which could be nearly $12 billion by 2015.
State Lawmakers Take Conservative Budget PosturePoliticians in Washington may be talking about compromising on the federal budget, but in Texas, Republicans are taking an early, hardline stance on state spending.
State Budget Capped At $77.9B For 2014-15The Texas Legislative Budget Board set a $77.9 billion cap on state spending Thursday for the 2014-15 budget year, a 10 percent increase above the current discretionary spending limit.
Texas Lawmakers Look At State FinancesTexas lawmakers are meeting Wednesday to take another look at the state's finances ahead of what could be another budget-cutting legislative session that starts in January.
Higher Registration Fee Could Fund New RoadsThe Texas Association of Business believes that, if the state raises registration fees by $50 per vehicle, and dedicates that money to road projects, it would create an additional $16 billion.
State Budget Leaders To Get Financial UpdateThe Texas Comptroller's office is giving budget leaders a rundown of the state's financial picture, just months before what will likely be another lean legislative session.
State Expects $5 Billion In Extra RevenueThe Texas comptroller's office said that it now expects the state to collect at least $5 billion in unanticipated revenue during the present two-year budget cycle.
Straus Calls For Truth In State BudgetingTexas House Speaker Joe Straus has called for an end to an accounting practice that masks how taxes and fees are really spent.
State Agencies Told To Propose 10 Percent CutsState agencies were told to shave costs by another 10 percent, despite growing tax revenues that have raised hopes of restoring freshly slashed services and jobs across Texas.
State Lawmakers Hear Update On MedicaidTexas lawmakers on Monday will get a briefing on the current status of Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor and disabled.
Perry In Houston To Deliver Economic AddressGovernor Rick Perry is delivering an economic speech he promises will detail key Texas budget principles for next year and beyond.
State Lawmakers Hear About Debt & Crime FundTexas lawmakers are planning to hear testimony about the state's debt burden and problems with the crime victim's fund.
Texas Lawmakers Will Likely Tap Rainy Day FundLawmakers will most likely have to tap the Rainy Day Fund to balance the budget in 2013, state comptroller Susan Combs said in an interview.
State Agencies Offered Retirement Deals To Trim BudgetsSome Texas agencies facing severe budget cuts used financial incentives ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 to entice eligible employees to retire.
Texas Lawmakers Kick The Can Down The RoadTexas lawmakers started the year promising to make hard choices and not 'kick the can' down the road. But guess what happened.