SMU Waives ACT/SAT Score Requirements For Admission Next Year Due To CoronavirusStudents may still submit ACT or SAT scores if they would like to.
Tensions Rise As Texas Governor Greg Abbott Prepares To Lift More COVID-19 RulesOn the cusp of even more COVID-19 restrictions ending Monday, including gyms cleared to reopen, a political confrontation is growing over attempts by big cities to keep some guardrails.
First Online Jury Trial Set For Collin County Next Week: 'This Is Sort Of A New World'It’s a civil case where the decision is non-binding, but it is groundbreaking and could help maintain jury trials while social distancing is required.
Arrests After SWAT Team Confronts Armed Protesters Supporting Texas Bar Owner Who Reopened BusinessWhile a salon owner in Dallas is getting support from state leaders for reopening her business despite coronavirus stay at home orders, a SWAT team was called out to a demonstration supporting a defiant bar owner in West Texas.
Other Businesses And Legal Experts Watching As Jailed Dallas Salon Owner Receives State Leaders’ SupportSome say the Texas attorney general, governor, and lieutenant governor are sending mixed messages by supporting a Dallas salon owner who very publicly violated county and state coronavirus stay at home orders.
'It's Insane, It's Quick And It's Devastating': CBS Business Analyst On Coronavirus' Economic & Employment ImpactJill Schlesinger said it's difficult to know at this point if reopening businesses will alleviate unemployment.