Number Of US Abortions May Be Increasing Slightly After Decades Of DeclineAfter a long decline abortions in the U.S. appear to be inching up, though officials are cautious about calling it an upward trend because a government report is incomplete.
Still No Ruling From The US Supreme Court On Texas' New Abortion LawThe high court's first decision of the term deflated expectations that the justices would resolve the issue of whether Texas' ban on most abortions could be challenged in federal court.
Texas Abortion Ban Stays In Force As Supreme Court Justices Mull OutcomeIt's been more than two weeks since the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments over Texas' restrictive abortion law and, so far, there's been no word from the justices.
2 Conservative Supreme Court Justices Could Vote To Let Abortion Providers Challenge Texas LawAs the US Supreme Court grapples with the most restrictive abortion law in the country, two key conservative justices seem open to arguments from abortion providers that they should be able to challenge the law in Texas.
US Supreme Court Set To Hear Arguments Over Texas Law That Bans Most AbortionsThe United States Supreme Court is taking up challenges to a Texas law that has virtually brought abortions in the state -- after six weeks of pregnancy -- to a halt.
Supreme Court Doesn't Block Texas Abortion Law, Sets HearingThe Supreme Court is not immediately blocking the Texas law that bans most abortions, but has agreed to hear arguments in the case in early November.
Justice Department Asks US Supreme Court To Halt Texas '6-Week' Abortion LawThe Justice Department has formally asked the US Supreme Court to block the Texas law banning most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, while the fight over the measure plays out in the courts.
Justice Department Will Ask US Supreme Court To Block Texas Abortion LawOn October 15 the Biden administration said it will turn next to the U.S. Supreme Court in another attempt to halt a Texas law that has banned most abortions since September.
As Cases Bounce From Court To Court, Texas Women Drive Hours For Abortions With Ban In EffectChanges in Texas law -- in particular the one banning abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy -- is having an impact on the mental and physical health of many women in the Lone Star State.
Justice Department Asking 5th U.S. Circuit To Again Halt Texas Abortion LawLate Monday night the Biden administration again urged the courts to step in and suspend a new Texas law that has banned most abortions since early September.
Judge In Texas Abortion Ban Hearing Questions If Citizens Are Being Made "A Proxy For The State"In court on October 1, a federal judge questioned the enforcement mechanism of Texas' six-week abortion ban.