Judge In Texas Blocks Federal Rules Change For Gay CouplesA federal judge in Texas has blocked temporarily federal rules that would have expanded medical leave benefits to some gay couples.
Texas Lawmakers Set $94.3 Billion Budget CapTexas lawmakers have capped key parts of the next state budget at nearly $94.3 billion, up almost $10 billion from the current 2-year spending cycle.
Governor Perry Indicted For Coercion For Veto Threat Governor Rick Perry has been indicted for abuse of power after carrying out a threat to veto funding for state public corruption prosecutors.
Perry Wants Texas Voters To OK Water ReferendumGov. Rick Perry is again urging voters to approve an amendment to the Texas Constitution that would use $2 billion from the state's rainy day fund to pay for major water infrastructure projects.
Texas Guard Won't Process Same-Sex BenefitsThe Texas National Guard is refusing to process requests for benefits submitted by same-sex couples because of the state constitution's definition of marriage.
Texas Lawmakers Boost State Spending The Texas Legislature may not be spending quite like a drunken sailor, but lawmakers have certainly got the checkbook out as they work on the next state budget.
Trooper In Irving Body Cavity Search Lawsuit SuspendedA Texas State Trooper who was thrust into the spotlight Tuesday after dash camera video showing her giving body cavity searches to two women became public has been suspended.
Texas Schools Take Their Case To Court -- AgainThe sweeping school finance lawsuit going to trial Monday in Austin isn't only about money.
10 Constitutional Amendments On November 8 BallotCollege students, veterans' widows and land owners who conserve water could be among the beneficiaries if voters approve 10 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution. Early voting has already started, with the final election day on Nov. 8.
Perry Not Resigning During Presidential CampaignAlready a big name in Texas, Gov. and GOP primary candidate Rick Perry now faces the challenge of making an impression in the other 49 states.