Texas Democrats Push For Local Gun Show RegulationThe Tarrant County Democratic Party wants to run background checks on customers purchasing guns at events held on city property, which would include attendees of the Original Fort Worth Gun Show.
Judge Weighs Injunction Against State Abortion Sonogram LawA federal judge will hear arguments Wednesday on whether to stop Texas from enforcing a new law requiring doctors to conduct a sonogram before performing an abortion.
State House Fails To Pass TSA Pat-Down BillThe first special session of the 82nd Legislature has ended. Lawmakers met to consider two remaining bills and sent a minor judicial finance bill to the governor. But they failed to pass a bill that would have outlawed enhanced pat-downs by federal airport screeners
State Legislature Expected To Take Up Final ItemsThe Texas Legislature is expected to take up two essential items of the special session. The House and Senate are expected to make final votes on a fiscal matters bill that will maintain school funding and revamp a hurricane insurance program.
Budget Hearings Underway In Texas House, SenateLawmakers are hoping for a quick resolution to the school finance jam that sparked the special session. Public hearings on a handful of budget-related bills started Thursday, just two days after the special session convened.
Special Session Convenes, Then Promptly AdjournsThe Texas Senate convened a special session Tuesday, met for 30 minutes then adjourned to start drafting new bills. One of the goals of the session - for lawmakers to take another stab at making drastic cuts to public school funding.
Immigration Tops Agenda On 1st Day To File BillsCracking down on illegal immigrants will be a top priority for many Texas lawmakers. That's judging from the slew of bills that were filed Monday.