Texans Buying Tickets As The Lotto Texas Jackpot Grows To $44 Million For Wednesday's DrawingLottery history in Texas continues to be made. The Lotto Texas jackpot has grown to an estimated $44 million for the Wednesday's drawing.
Fort Worth Resident Wins $2.5 Million From Scratch TicketA Fort Worth resident has claimed the top prize of a Texas Lottery scratch ticket worth $2.5 million.
Wednesday Night's Lotto Texas Jackpot 2nd Largest Currently In North AmericaSo far in 2020, there has only been one Lotto Texas jackpot winner.
Lotto Texas Drawing Wednesday Night Is For Largest Jackpot Since 2010The Lotto Texas jackpot currently sits at $39 million, the largest it's been since 2010. The next drawing is Wednesday night.
North Texas Resident Wins Big, Claims $3 Million Prize On Scratch TicketWinning $3 million on a scratch off Texas Lottery ticket? It can and did happen to a person from Lake Dallas.
Lotto Texas Offering Its Largest Jackpot In A Decade -- $36 MillionLotto Texas is currently offering its largest game prize in more than 10 years. Monday afternoon the game’s jackpot was an estimated $36.75 million.
Player Alert: Lotto Texas Jackpot Climbs To $34.75 Million -- The Largest Since 2014During the coronavirus pandemic, the Texas Lottery jackpot has grown to it's largest since 2014.
Garland Resident Wins $1M After Buying Prizewinning Lotto Ticket At 1 Star BeverageA Garland resident is now $1 million richer after claiming a top prizewinning ticket.
Irving Resident Joins Millionaires Club After Winning On Lottery Scratch TicketA person in Irving is Texas' newest millionaire after scratching a winning lottery ticket.
Irving Resident Wins $1 Million From Scratch TicketAn Irving woman claimed a $1 million prize from an "Instant Millionaire" scratch ticket.
COVID-19 Pandemic Causing Uncertainty For Texas Lottery & Games In Other StatesThe pandemic has been a rollercoaster for the Texas Lottery Commission and state lotteries across the country, with some getting a boost from the economic downturn and others scrambling to make up for revenue shortfalls.