Opinion: Theater Shootings: A Politicized American TragedyPersons who only make our nation’s bad times worse by spewing ill-timed hate and prejudice ought to keep their microphones turned off.
Batman Fans Pack Theaters Despite JittersTypical hordes of fans packed theaters across the country over the weekend, keeping plans to see the final Batman film despite Friday's horrific shooting in Colorado.
Mother: Wounded Son Watched As Friend Died In Colorado The mother of a 27-year-old Texan wounded in the Colorado theater shooting says he watched as his friend died.
The Show Must Go On The tragic mass shooting in Colorado did not deter hundreds of moviegoers from seeing "The Dark Knight Rises," though many of them said the tragedy was in the back of their minds as they watched the film.
North Texas Families Talk To Kids About CO ShootingFor some North Texas parents and children, planning to see the Batman movie had become a long-anticipated family affair. Now some moms and dads are asking how they explain the events at the Colorado theater to their kids.
12 Dead In Colorado Movie Theater ShootingAt least 13 people have been killed, and dozens more wounded, after a gunman opened fire inside of a suburban Denver movie theater early Friday morning.
Julie Fisk Reviews "The Dark Knight Rises"“The Dark Knight Rises” stars Christian Bale as Batman as he battles a new foe. It is the third Batman movie from Director Christopher Nolan, who insists this will be his last journey to Gotham.
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