Lumber Futures Coming Down Off Peak, But Not As Fast As North Texas Homebuilders And Buyers Might LikeThe historic skyrocketing price of lumber may have peaked, but it may still take some time before the cheaper prices are seen, according to homebuilders.
Lots To Consider When Hunting For Home In Historical District“If you’re coming into the area and you have no knowledge, you have got to have someone who is an expert, and you gotta do your homework," said realtor Lori Gallagher.
Do You Have The Right Amount Of Homeowners Insurance?Replacement cost policies, and cash value policies are usually the two main options.
Not As Many 'Fixer Uppers' Available In DFW Area These DaysFort Worth was ranked number 10 in the hardest places to find a fixer upper, according to the website,
Seasonal Changes Ahead For DFW Area Real Estate MarketThe summer months are quickly approaching. It's a time often popular with families who are looking to move.
17-Acre Ranch In Lucas On Market For $12M: 'Great For An Athlete, A CEO'Privacy and a one-of-a-kind design help define nearly 17 acres of a high-end ranch property in Lucas, Texas, about 32 miles northeast of Dallas.
'People Are Really Turning To Renting': Low Home Inventory In North Texas Leading To 'Apartment Pinch'Kaitlynn Keller from Smart City Locating added, “People are really turning to renting more so than ever. We’re seeing a lot of demand right now.”
Applying For A Home Loan In Super-Competitive DFW Housing MarketMortgage lenders report the most common blunder from novice borrowers is not bringing the proper documentation to verify income, assets, and credit.
The Ones For Real Estate: Is DFW In A Bubble Effect?With the skyrocketing prices of real estate in North Texas and homes selling faster than they can get on the market, many are asking if what we are seeing in DFW is a bubble effect.
What's Causing The Surge In New Home Prices In North Texas?"Lumber is about tripled from a year ago, and there are some big problems there with the tariffs that are attached to it still," said Phil Crone, Executive Officer of the Dallas Builders Association.
The Pros And Cons Of Selling A Home Yourself Versus Using A Professional RealtorReal estate experts agree a home seller can save a lot of money in this hot housing market selling their own home by themselves, but only if they know what they are doing.