WWE Insiders Pick TLC 2016WWE's TLC 2016 will feature much excitement, not to mention tables, ladders and chairs. Pro wrestling experts pick the winners.
Fans Travel Miles, Wait Hours To Visit Carlo's BakeryWeeks after Carlo's Bakery first opened its doors in Dallas, fans still wait for hours to get their slice of cake - with a side of reality show fame.
5 Tips For Planning A Destination WeddingFive destination wedding planning tips from Sandy Malone, the star of TLC's Wedding Island.
Porn Actress Drops Lawsuit Against '19 Kids And Counting' Star Josh DuggarA porn actress has dropped her $500,000 assault lawsuit against reality TV personality Josh Duggar amid evidence that her claims were fabricated.
TLC Making Film On "Letters To Jackie"The TLC network is making a movie about some of the 800,000 condolence letters that were sent to the widow of former President John F. Kennedy after his 1963 assassination.
Plano Academy Teaching Preschoolers Sign LanguagePrivate Plano academy, TLC School, hopes to better prepare its students for math and reading with sign language.
Southwest Airlines To Star In Another TV SeriesSouthwest Airlines says production will start this week on a TLC television series that will provide a behind-the-scenes look at air travel.
'Police Women Of Dallas' Win Community AdmirationFive, female DPD officers were recently featured on a reality TV series. While the TV crew captured their every move, the women themselves appear to have captured the admiration of the public.